Funny Business

Byron at Slings and Arrow has found some good stuff

Kaus on Dennis Miller
Miller: "What do you think of Kerry's proposal for a Dept. of Wellness?"

Kaus: "We've got a war in Iraq, we have health care issues and Kerry wants to talk about about a Dept of Wellness? How about a Dept. of F---ing Perspective?"


And from the Washington Post...

What do they really think of Shrumsy

Each day at the Democratic convention in Boston, a team of 10 speechwriters would convene in a windowless office behind the Fleet Center podium to help compose and polish that night's speeches. In the spirit of camaraderie, the speechwriters discussed making T-shirts for themselves.

One suggested a design featuring the slogan "Reverse the Curse" over a picture of Bob Shrum, the Democratic strategist whom many perceived to be presidential candidate John Kerry's closest adviser. "The Curse" referred to Shrum's career-long slump in presidential campaigns, a well-catalogued losing streak that runs from George McGovern to Al Gore.

Forged or Authentic

The so-called document expert, Marcel Matley, cited by Dan Rat, is a member of the National Association of Document Examiners. Most news reports state that it is near impossible to authenticate a signature on a non-original document. You can contact the association at 866-569-0833 or email their president, Katherine Koppenhaver, with any questions.

My question for her: Is it standard practice for your members to declare that signatures are true and authentic without examining the original ducument? If a member violated the standard practices of your organization, would you kick him out? If not, it seems the credibility of your organization would suffer.