Never Forget

Last week I spent some time with Darryl Worley. He is as enthusiastic about President George W. Bush as any young republican intern. He's doing his part.

Darryl Worley's
"Have You Forgotten?"

2,998 Reasons NOT To Forget!

I hear people saying we don't need this war
I say there's some things worth fighting for
What about our freedom and this piece of ground?
We didn't get to keep 'em by backing down
They say we don't realize the mess we're getting in
Before you start to preachin'
Let me ask you this my friend

Have you forgotten how it felt that day
To see your homeland under fire
And her people blown away?
Have you forgotten when those towers fell?
We had neighbors still inside
Going through a living hell
And you say we shouldn't worry 'bout Bin Laden
Have you forgotten?

They took all the footage off my T.V.
Said it's too disturbing for you and me
It'll just breed anger that's what the experts say
If it was up to me I'd show it every day
Some say this country's just out looking for a fight
After 9/11 man I'd have to say that's right

Have you forgotten how it felt that day
To see your homeland under fire
And her people blown away?
Have you forgotten when those towers fell?
We had neighbors still inside
Going through a living hell
And we vowed to get the ones behind Bin Laden
Have you forgotten?

I've been there with the soldiers
Who've gone away to war
And you can bet that they remember
Just what they're fighting for

Have you forgotten all the people killed?
Yes, some went down like heroes in that Pennsylvania field
Have you forgotten about our Pentagon?
All the loved ones that we lost
And those left to carry on
Don't you tell me not to worry 'bout Bin Laden
Have you forgotten?
Have you forgotten?
Have you forgotten?

If you click over to Alberta Rose you can hear the song and a few others you might like.

What's Up with the Chicks

We're up to 30 members, and some very cool members they are.

The MJMDrillWife from Alabama but currently in Georgia posts

Food for thought..
"These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." --- Thomas Paine

Annika want you to email CBS and ask Dan Rather to resign. I agree!

Here's a copy of my email:

CBS has provided inadequate proof that the documents it broadcast are legitimate. Dan Rather should provide evidence that can be examined by interested parties or resign immediately. -- The Irish Lass

Ilyka (I like-a da men) is scared

But the aspect of this that isn't a parts story is what's frightening. That a major news organization is willing to neglect its own credibility to further an agenda is frightening. That a major news organization assigns more value and emphasis to voter intent--ack, I'm sorry; I mean Lieutenant Colonel Killian's intent--than the actual votes--geez, there I go again! I mean Lieutenant Colonel Killian's actual statements--that disturbs me very much.

Ith ran the most important poll, what do the real people think?

Now I know that this forgery story is big -- my mum knows all about it. I just got off the phone with her and she brought it up. Go, mum!

Ninjababe's planning a move.

Sweet surprize gives driving lessons.

If you're driving a huge SUV, and every time you come to a light you stop so hard that your vehicle lurches forward, and you almost put everybody through the windshield, and your dog starts barking like mad and running around inside your vehicle, and the car behind you has to slam hard on the brakes just to stop in time, maybe you should reevaluate your braking/driving/thinking/living strategy.

Just a suggestion.

Bitchalicious needs prayers and good thoughts for her sister and niece in Naples, Florida.

Marybeth has the script from the latest Swiftboats ad.

Over the image, a narrator says, "Symbols, like the heroes they represent, are meant to be respected. Some didn’t share that respect and turned their backs on their brothers."

Happy Birthday, Downtown Chick.

Pink Slip Central is fighting crime

Jen's got some fabulous artwork and a link to "The Pitch"

Vox says that itunes has all the best convention speeches

It's time for the Daily Spork Report on Democratic Slime. Let's see how disgusting the lefties were today:

Could the Democrats have gone this low? It would be a new era of slime for them if this story is indeed true. Fake documents bashing Bush...tsk tsk tsk. Of course, all of the Leftist freakzoids are still salivating over the Memos, not bothering to look at the fact that there is a growing probability that the Bush-bash documents are false...Hell, even the apparent memo writer's widow doesn't think they are real.

The Queen of all Evil asks, Who is the accessory to Forgery?

Kate's got some hilarious ads.

2 Flower's got lots of blinkies

Miss Attila's got a link to Rather Biased, including comentary by Bernard Goldberg.

The New Vintage had an Apprentice moment and it wasn't good.

Madame Butterfly thinks Ivan should leave us alone and go visit Fidel

Grumbleeze has a new boat and is ready for adventure.

says Pink Stinks. Keep it Red.

The Mango thinks she's seeing a 12 faced man in Kerry

The Dodecahedron, from The Phantom Tollbooth:
My angles are many,
My sides are not few,
I'm the Dodecahedron,
Who are you?

It's true that Some Enlisted Women Have Brains and that they also are published writers of Letters to the Editor.

Marriage is in the air at the Doggie Diaries.

And It's About Time to be an Auntie

The Babe wants you to Adopt a Troop

Grumpy Bunny's Sugar Maple has died.

The YaYaEmpress seems like she'd be a great NYC tour guide. Too bad I didn't know that last week.

Red Sugar loves Ella Fitzgerald as much as I do.

and finally all the Luck of the Irish and blessings to Erin and her husband who are serving our country in Iraq.

If you'd like to join the Chicks for Bush, give me a comment and I'll add you to the roll.

There are now 24 Chicks for Bush

How 'bout that!

Keep 'em coming - the more the merrier!