Kerry Wants to suppress Free Speech

I had a discussion with my office lefty this afternoon. He was whining ...blah blah blah...Unconscionable...fighting Viet Nam all over again...rich Republican funding. I replied "I can't believe John Kerry is opposed to Freedom of Speech. Those veterans have the right to their opinions, and to express their opinions, this is America!" He said it's so inflammatory...blah blah blah...no proof...Bush should stop them. I said, "Are you suggesting that the President of the United States should tell American citizens that they are not entitled to speak up?" He said but they're crazy...blah blah blah...lies...atleast he went not like Bush...I said "Freedom of Speech is not just for popular ideas, politically correct ideas, these men are entitled to tell their story. You don't have to believe them, but government officials should not try to silence them."

He crumpled like a (insert relevant cliche)

Score one for the Lass!