I've been getting lots of hits today for George Bush Rugby or George Bush Rugby Yale. Can't figure out exactly why. Is it because a former Scottish Rugby player who is a lifelong friend of President Bush struck oil last week in India?

Update: Oops, guess I missed the big news story in La Times yesterday. Apparently, the author is shocked to report that there was rough play going on. It's Rugby, for goodness sake.

The Mod further elaborates that he's watched lots of rugby, but it sure doesn't sound like it. It doesn't look that rough to me. He never saw Mark Bass and Mark Deaton of the Old Blues or Kevin Golden of the San Jose Seahawks play. Or watched on the side when the team doctor of the San Jose Seahawks, Doc O'Meara (who happened to be an OB/GYN) fixed the broken nose of Maurice McCabe with a little tug.

The Pirate, a fine athlete formerly of Loyola Marymount has the explanation and the rules. And Qando explains the laws of momentum to some goofy lefties who don't know much about sports. Plus, John Cole and his gang have a few things to say.


P.S. Can't believe the Old Blues, who won a million National Championships, don't have a web site. Their junior team, Cal's Golden Bears, are financed by Dean Witter personally.