Shoves and Bounces

Today wasn't such a good day for the Heinz-Kerrys.

According to the buzz, Kerry's opening pitch was a base on balls, not a strike.

In an unexpected move, Kerry, who wasn't scheduled to arrive in Beantown until Wednesday, made a surprise appearance at Fenway Park Sunday night, where he threw out the first ball for the game between the Red Sox and the New York Yankees. However, Kerry didn't receive the expected reception of the hometown favorite. Instead, Boston locals who have been inconvenienced by the security surrounding the convention offered up to him a round of boos.

And Teh-ray-za demonstrated her desire to see more civility in politics by telling a reporter to Shove It

Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Democratic nominee John Kerry, told a reporter to 'shove it' on Sunday evening -- immediately after giving a speech calling for a more civil tone in politics.

Speaking to the Pennsylvanian delegation at the statehouse in Boston, Heinz Kerry delivered an impassioned plea against hate politics:

"We need to turn back some of the creeping, un-Pennsylvanian and sometimes un-American traits that are coming into some of our politics."

"My prayers for you, for me, for the country, for the world, are that we keep this at a high level, with dignity, with respect and with a great idealism and courage that took our forefathers to build this great nation."

According to multiple sources who attended the event, Heinz Kerry upon finishing the speech pushed her way through the Secret Service to get to Pittsburgh Tribune Review reporter, Colin McNickle. Upon getting to Mcnickle, Heinz Kerry asks, 'Are you from the Tribune Review' Mcnickle says, 'Yes, I am.'

At this point and in an irritated fashion Heinz Kerry says, 'Of course, understandable. You said something I didnt say. Now Shove it!'

Tape of the incident is being edited to air on Pittsburgh's WTAE-TV, and, according to a media source, ABC NEWS is set to run with it thereafter.

A witness of the incident said reporters were "stunned" by Heinz Kerry's outburst, especially in light of the speech she had just given.

And we have Video

Hunky Boys

from Newsmax ...

A statement released by the Center for Consumer Freedom called “Tinseltown Hunks Are Actually Hollywood Chunks” includes a surprising list of federally designated Hollywood heavyweights.

Actor Will Smith of “I Robot,” who is a muscular 6’2” and 210 pounds, has a BMI of 27, which puts him in the “overweight” category. Other stars who fit the feds’ “overweight” bill are “Bourne Identity” star Matt Damon (5’11”, 187 pounds and a BMI of 26), “Van Helsing” vampire killer Hugh Jackman (6’2”, 210 pounds and a BMI of 27), and Denzel Washington (6’0”, 199 pounds and a BMI of 27).

Moving into the heavier Hollywood arena, we find the names of Sylvester Stallone (5’9”, 228 pounds and a BMI of 34), Arnold Schwarzenegger (6’2”, 257 pounds and a very un-girlie-man BMI of 33), The Rock (6’5”, 275 pounds and a BMI of 33) and Tom Cruise (5’7”, 201 pounds and a BMI of 31). These celebrities have been determined by the government to be obese with Bruce Willis riding on the obesity cusp at 6’0”, 200 pounds and a BMI of 29.

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

I was in the mood for in the mood for A Hundred Million Miracles this morning so I put on the Soundtrack to Flower Drum Song, one of my favorite musicals. As I was surfing around the web, it looks as though Nancy Kwan, star of FDS and The World of Susie Wong, was a supporter of President George H.W. Bush. Google includes references to her attendance at a speech in 1990, a domestic policy committee, and in her bio (but only the Chinese version).

A Hundred Million Miracles

My father says that children keep growing,
Rivers keep flowing too.
My father says he doesn't know why,
But somehow or other they do.

--They do! some how or other they do.--

A hundred million miracles,
A hundred million miracles are happ'ning ev'ry day,
And those who say they don't agree
Are those who do not hear or see.
A hundred million miracles,
A hundred million miracles are happ'ning ev'ry day,

--Miracle of changing weather:--

When a dark blue curtain is pinned by the stars,
Pinned by the stars to the sky,
Ev'ry flow'r and tree is a treat to see,
The air is very clean and dry.
Then a wind comes blowing the pins all away,
Night is confused and upset!
The sky falls down like a clumsy clown,
The flowers and the trees get wet.--Very wet!--

A hundred million miracles,
A hundred million miracles are happ'ning ev'ry day,
And when the wind shall turn his face,
The pins are put right back in place!

A hundred million miracles,
A hundred million miracles are happ'ning ev'ry day!
In ev'ry single minute so much is going on,
Along the Yangtse Kiang or the Tiber or the Don.
A hundred million miracles!
A swallow in Tasmania is sitting on her eggs,
And suddenly those eggs have wings and eyes and beaks and legs!
A hundred million miracles!

A little girl in Chungking, just thirty inches tall,
Decides that she will try to walk and nearly doesn't fall!
A hundred million miracles!
A hundred million miracles, a hundred million miracles,
A hundred million miracles are happ'ning ev'ry day!

My father says the sun will keep rising over the eastern hill.
My father says he doesn't know why but somehow or other it will.
--It will! somehow or other it will.--

--Miracle of making music:--

When an idle poet puts words on a page,
Writes on a page with his brush,
A musical friend writes the notes to blend
Suggested by an idle thrush.
Then a young soprano reads what they wrote,
Learns every note, every word,
Puts all they wrote in her lovely throat,
And suddenly a song is heard!

--Very Pretty!--

A hundred million miracles, a hundred million miracles,
A hundred million miracles are happ'ning ev'ry day!


Now that we're going to be married,
I keep imagining things,
Things that can happen to people,
When they are wearing gold rings:
Being together each morning,
Sharing our coffee and toast.
That's only one of the pictures.
Here's what I picture most.

Sunday, sweet Sunday,
With nothing to do,
Lazy and lovely,
My one day with you.
Hazy and happy,
We'll drift through the day,
Dreaming the hours away.

While all the funny papers lie or fly around the place
I will try my kisses on your funny face.
Dozing, then waking,
On Sunday you'll see...
On...ly... me!

Sunday, sweet Sunday,
On Sunday you'll see...
On...ly... me!