Young Bloggers

I have a friend who would like to start blogging, and I told her about the benefits of being in a great group like the Bear Flag League. She's just 18 years old, so even our the younger members of our group (the 23, 24, 25 yr olds) are a little old for her.

Can anyone recommend any young bloggers for her to check out?

Small World, Isn't It?

I was surfing around the web for a story about a certain golfer I know, and I came across a story written by Todd Budnick, PGA Tour Staffer. I wonder if that is the same Todd Budnick who was in my english class at Kit Carson Junior High. He was smart (we were the school for the children of professors at Sac State) cute and of Hawaiian descent. Our nickname for him was something about a pineapple. Will have to look him up next year at the AT&T.