It's Wictory Wednesday and Hurrah for Condi

I am one of the many bloggers who tries to encourage you to donate and volunteer for the re-election of our great President George W. Bush.

Today's email from Vice President Dick Cheney asked me to host a Party for the President on April 29th. If I do, I could serve my favorite conservative menu, Rossi Pasta (because they advertised on Rich Galens' Mullings.com), something by Nigella, because her Dad was a pal of Margaret Thatcher and GOP Ice Cream. Served with Villa Toscano wine because it's the favorite of Tom Sullivan, our fabulous KFBK radio man and because it's listed on the 100 Things You Should Do In California.

UPDATE: I am going to have a Party for the President, but I've decided I can't serve pasta, cuz I have a brand new white rug, and I'm not going to serve Ice Cream cuz it's the wrong time of day. But, rest assured the refreshments will be excellent ... I just haven't decided on the menu yet. 4/20/04

Tomorrow morning I'll be joining the President in sending my best thoughts and prayers to Condi Rice as she speaks to the 911 commission. Not that she needs it any more than we all need prayers and good thoughts ... She is so incredibly capable, talented & intelligent. Back in the day when I was the county Young Republican Chair in San Jose, we invited Condi to speak to our club. It was 1986 or 87, and she was not yet Stanford Provost, just the youngest ever Stanford Professor. She had done her thesis on Mikhail Gorbechev while he was still a semi-lowly agriculture commissioner in the USSR, but she knew he was on the move. She was brilliant, but part of her brilliance was that she had the common sense, personal insights as well as the academic and analytic knowledge. People who know her love her.

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