The Soundtrack of My Life

It's very cool that everytime you turn on the TV or go into a shop, they're playing some fabulous old standard. Tonight, I heard Marriott's Courtyard ad

The Nearness of You

It's not the pale moon that excites me
That thrills and delights me, oh no
It's just the nearness of you

It isn't your sweet conversation
That brings this sensation, oh no
It's just the nearness of you

When you're in my arms and I feel you so close to me
All my wildest dreams come true

I need no soft lights to enchant me
If you'll only grant me the right
To hold you ever so tight
And to feel in the night the nearness of you

and HP's new ad

Blue Skies

Blue skies Smiling on me
Nothing but blue skies Do I see
Blue birds Singing a song
Nothing but blue skies From now on.
I never saw the sun shining so bright
When you're in love, everything's right
Watching all the days Hurrying by
When you're in love, My how they fly
Those blue days, all of them gone
Nothing but blue skies from now on.

What's Going On

I may hit 10,000 today...Anyone have an idea for a good prize or celebration?

A few months ago, someone told me that my friend, Rob Lapsley, was the chief of staff to the Spanish Ambassador. You may know him ... He was Bill Jones' Chief of Staff while he was Secretary of State, became his campaign manager for Governor, and then became Bill Simon's campaign manager for the general election for Governor. I've been trying to find out if he's currently in Spain ever since the Madrid bombing. He's not listed on the Spanish Embassy site. Anyone know if he's still there or if he ever was there? I hope he's OK.

Ted Costa is going to be mailing out One Million petitions for the Fair Districts initiative this week. If you get one, fill it out and send it in. If you don't get one, call or e-mail the People's Advocate and get them to send you one. If you're from out of state, tell your California friends to get involved. Or send a contribution to the campaign. California has 52 congressmen and 32 are dems, 20 are Republicans. Wouldn't it be nice is it was 50/50?

Mark Abernathy is going to be opening his own Presidential Museum in Bakersfield. Cool.

Assemblyman Russ Bogh is leading the charge for real workers' comp reform. The Republicans will hang tough, the caucus is very united. But did they have to spend St Patrick's Day in Stockton?