It's St. Patrick's Month

Boys From County Armagh

There's one fair county in Ireland
With memory so glorious and grand
Where nature has lavished her bounty
On the orchard of Erins great land
I love its cathedral city
Once founded by Patrick so true
And there in the heart of it's bosom
Are the ashes of Brian Boru

It's my own Irish home far across the foam
And tho' I've often left it in foreign lands to roam
No matter where I wander
Through cities near and far
My heart's at home in old Ireland
In the county of Armagh

I've travelled the heart of this county
Through Newtown, Forkhill, Crossmaglen
Around the gap of Mount Norris
And home by Blackwater again
Where the girls are so gay and so hearty
None fairer in Erin Go Bragh
Ah, where are the boys that can court them
Like the boys from the county Armagh


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It's St Patrick's Month


When boyhood's fire was in my blood
I read of ancient freemen,
For Greece and Rome who bravely stood,
Three hundred men and three men;
And then I prayed I yet might see
Our fetters rent in twain,
And Ireland. long a province, be
A Nation once again!

A nation once again,
A nation once again,
And Ireland, long a province, be
A Nation once again!

And from that time, through wildest woe,
That hope has shown a far light,
Nor could love's brightest summer glow
Outshine that solemn starlight;
It seemed to watch above my head
In forum, field and fame,
Its angel voice sang round my bed,
A Nation once again.


It whisper'd too, that freedom's ark,
And service high and holy,
Would be profaned by feeling dark
And passions vain or lowly;
For, Freedom comes from God's right hand,
And needs a godly train;
And righteous men must make our land
A nation once again!


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