Pro Choice(?) for Palin

The media wants to declare that anyone who isn't 100% opposed to abortion in any circumstance is Pro Choice. They think there is hard core pro life on one side and everyone else on the other.

Logically, you could declare the opposite to be true. Pro Choice defined as those who don't think there should be any restrictions on abortion anytime, for any reason (the Boxer-Obama position). And everyone else is Pro Life. If you are opposed to third trimester abortions, or abortions for sex selection, or abortions of handicapped children who aren't convenient or unrestricted access to abortion for young teenagers, you are pro life.

That puts the vast majority of Americans on the same side as Sarah Palin.

p.s. I've been active in party politics as a moderate republican for over 20 years. Those on the far right were wrong when they assumed that my beliefs were the same as Barbara Boxer's.
Sarah for VP

Go Sarah!

Hat tip to Dennis Sevakis via Thomas Lifson - American Thinker