Would You Like to Win an iPhone?

I'm setting up a contest on my website to help build links and traffic. Does anyone have any suggestions on effective ways to structure this? I'm looking for advice from some of the smartest internet people I know - bloggers.

The contest will end on July 4th. It will begin as soon as I figure out all the details.

The prize will be a brand new iPhone.

Contestants will write a review for a place they think I should feature on the Things You Should Do. They'll post the review on their own site with some anchor text I will provide. They'll email me the review and the link. I will post them on my site. Here's my first problem. what about dumb suggestions -- like go to applebee's -- I don't want to list things like that on my site - how should I phrase that in the instructions? any ideas?

One person suggested that I let readers decide the winner by the review that gets the most Digg posts. How would I moniter that or set it up? Would they be getting the digg posts for their own site? how would I keep track?

Any other ideas I should consider?

I'm letting you all know about the contest in advance -- I hope when it's time, you'll enter.

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