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Posted by Capt B at 05:35 PM | June 7, 2006

U.S. strike kills Iraq terror chief al-Zarqawi

From staff and wire reports

BAGHDAD — Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the terrorist leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq and the top target of the military coalition supporting the country's nascent democracy, was killed Wednesday in an airstrike, U.S. and Iraqi officials said.
Jubilant officials from several countries described al-Zarqawi's death as a major victory in the war on terror. He was linked to a series of terrorist bombings and executions not only in Iraq, but also in his native Jordan.

The leader and seven aides, including spiritual adviser Sheik Abdul Rahman, were killed Wednesday evening in a remote area 30 miles northeast of Baghdad in the volatile province of Diyala, just east of the provincial capital of Baqouba, officials said.

"Zarqawi has met his end and this violent man will never murder again," President Bush said Thursday morning at the White House. He called al-Zarqawi's death "a severe blow to al-Qaeda and a victory in the global war on terror."

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Ding-Dong, Zarqawi's Dead

Had a minor case of food-induced insomnia early this morning, so I decided to check the headlines on my mobile phone...

Boy, am I ever glad I chose the rich chicken mole at that mexican restaurant last night for dinner!




Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

Powerline posts:

The meeting ended early

Here is the Centcom press release announcing the successful strike that killed Zarqawi and his colleagues in Iraq yesterday:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Gen. George W. Casey Jr., Multi-National Force-Iraq Commanding General, announced the death of al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi in the following statement during a press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad June 8:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Coalition Forces killed al-Qaida terrorist leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and one of his key lieutenants, spiritual advisor Sheik Abd-Al-Rahman, yesterday, June 7, at 6:15 p.m. in an air strike against an identified, isolated safe house.

“Tips and intelligence from Iraqi senior leaders from his network led forces to al-Zarqawi and some of his associates who were conducting a meeting approximately eight kilometers north of Baqubah when the air strike was launched.

“Iraqi police were first on the scene after the air strike, and elements of Multi-National Division North, arrived shortly thereafter. Coalition Forces were able to identify al-Zarqawi by fingerprint verification, facial recognition and known scars.

Al-Zarqawi and al-Qaida in Iraq have conducted terrorist activities against the Iraqi people for years in attempts to undermine the Iraqi national government and Coalition efforts to rebuild and stabilize Iraq. He is known to be responsible for the deaths of thousands of Iraqis. Al-Zarqawi’s death is a significant blow to al-Qaida and another step toward defeating terrorism in Iraq.

“Although the designated leader of al-Qaida in Iraq is now dead, the terrorist organization still poses a threat as its members will continue to try to terrorize the Iraqi people and destabilize their government as it moves toward stability and prosperity. Iraqi forces, supported by the Coalition, will continue to hunt terrorists that threaten the Iraqi people until terrorism is eradicated in Iraq.”

Congratulations to all those serving in Iraq and elsewhere who enabled our forces to administer justice to Zarqawi with skill and precision.

Greyhawk Posts:
After the air strikes, CoalitionForces launched 17 raids against terrorist targets in Baghdad "within hours" of identifying Zarqawi, uncovering a "treasure trove" of intelligence information. The targets were previously being exploited to track Zarqawi's movements. Now the Coalition is pushing rapidly to roll-up the al Qaeda network in Iraq.

And the press is so busy trying to get stories about coalition deaths in Iraq to "balance" the Zarqawi story that they've missed it. The announcement of the Ministers of Defense and Interior is being ignored too, or mentioned briefly and "balanced" with references to how long it took. Arguably that's information significant only to the handful of people outside of Iraq who know what's going on in Iraq - but it's huge news.

But back to the 17 (so far) raids. Imagine how many known operators and locations have been watched - even at some cost - in order to make this day happen. Now it's go time on them, and with intel gained there other dominoes are likely to fall.

Mark in Mexico posts:
ADDENDUM: Youssef M. Ibrahim, Jul. 25, 2005:
The world of Islam is on fire. Indeed the Muslim mind is on fire. Above all the West is now ready to take both of them on.

The latest reliable report confirm that on average 33 Iraqis die every day, executed by Iraqis and foreign jihadis and suicide bombers, not by U.S. or British soldiers. In fact, fewer than ever U.S. or British soldiers are dying since the invasion more than two years ago. Instead we now watch on television hundreds of innocent Iraqis lying without limbs, bleeding in the streets dead or wounded for life. If this is jihad, someone got his religious education completely upside down.

Do the cowardly jihadis who recruit suicide bombers really think they will force the U.S. Army and British troops out of Iraq by killing hundreds of innocent Iraqis? U.S. troops now have bases and operate in Iraq but also from Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman?

The only accomplishment of jihadis is that now they have aroused the great "Western Tiger." There was a time when the United States and Europe welcomed Arab and Muslim immigrants, visitors and students, with open arms. London even allowed all dissidents escaping their countries to preach against those countries under the guise of political refugees.

Well, that is all over now. Time has become for the big Western vengeance.

What is more important to remember is this: When the West did unite after World War II to beat communism, the long Cold War began without pity. They took no prisoners. They all stood together, from the United States to Norway, from Britain to Spain, from Belgium to Switzerland. And they did bring down the biggest empire. Communism collapsed

In this new cold and hot war, car bombs and suicide bombers here and there will be no match for the arsenal those Westerners are putting together - an arsenal of laws, intelligence pooling, surveillance by satellites, armies of special forces, and indeed allies inside the Arab world who are tired of having their lives disrupted by demented so-called jihadis or those bearded preachers who under the guise of preaching do little to teach and much to ignite the fire, those who know little about Islam and nothing about humanity.