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Things You Should Do

Have you all been over to check out the ideas on my other site, Things You Should Do in California? I'm about to add the story of our recent weekends in Palm Springs and San Francisco. And as I sit here drinking a glass of Greg Norman Zinfandel, I stumbled across the details of a PGA golf event that will be held at the Greg Norman golf course in Livermore at the end of March. Sounds like fun.

I'm needing some suggestions for fun activities in Texas and Arizona. I'm planning a wild weekend with Mel and Sherilee in March in Texas and thought I might stop by spring training in Arizona on the way home. I've been to Texas before (Houston for a Giants baseball game and the Republican National Convention in 1992 and San Antonio for a Phi Mu Sorority conference a million years ago) but never to Dallas or Austin. Please give me your suggestions on the must-do activities/stores/restaurants/bars/etc.)