The River's Gonna Rise

USA Today has a report
Winter storm causes Calif. rivers to swell
SACRAMENTO (AP) — A drenching winter storm swelled rivers in northern California to their highest levels in seven years, causing power outages and forcing some residents to evacuate.

I just drove over the J Street Bridge (near Sac State) and the water is about 6 or 7 feet higher than normal. I once went to an East Sacramento Association meeting that had a color coded map of the flood times "when" the levee breaks. The levee guy said "Don't ever say If the levee breaks, there is no doubt that it eventually will. Always say When the levee breaks."

I'm on a little crest of a hill, so I'm in the 12 hour flood area. My buddy Miller's Time has now moved to the 2 hour flood area. So, whenever it rains, say a little prayer for Mr. and Mrs. Millers Time. The Yolo Cowboy and The House of Uncommon Sense might also be in the flood plain, but the Roseville Consevative is likely on high ground. Annika, Beekeeper, Digger, the High School Conservative, Fetching Jen, Sacto Dan and the Three Knockdown Rule, our other Sacratomatans, may or may not be in the danger zone. The flood man said that the entire city of Sacramento would be flooded within 24 hours when the levee breaks. Hopefully just a couple feet under ...