June Christy, the Queen of Coffeehouse Cool

The Merriest
Sung by June Christy

I'd like to fix this bag of tricks and hand them out with a fleeting greeting
Smiles for the frowners, salute to the uppers, boos for the downers
May the day be the bowl of cherriest and to all the merriest

Hope you swing during the season, hope the days go great
Hope you find plenty of reason the whole year long to celebrate

Sun for the mopers, a laugh to the criers, luck to the hopers
To the strange and the ordinariest
Me to You: The Merriest

Thoughts for the musers, a cheer for the winners, breaks for the losers
do the beats and the debonairest, greetings like the merriest.

Hope there's oil under your rosevine, hope you get that raise
Hope you hope everything goes fine for the next 300 and some odd days

Friends for the loners, a song for the singers, grins for the groaners
Make the day nothing can compariest
Have the most the merriest

Have the most the merriest.