Hootenanny at Poor Red's

Last night we had a fab time at the annual Christmas Carol singalong at Poor Red's in El Dorado hosted by Ed Hagen. Good times had by all.

Hank on the guitar was great, mixing Christmas carols with parodies and other wierd songs like Bruce (a parody on Big John) and The Fish Song. Hank's son Jeff (of the band Jasmin and the Dirstars) Ed Hagen on harmonica, Ed's son on base and a guy named Danger who was fabulous as Johnny Cash kept everyone happy.

from the Bay Guardian

Poor Red's (6221 Pleasant Valley Road, 530-622-2901) is one of several gold country bars worth driving east for if you're interested in a evening or two of shit-kickin', beer-drinkin', foothill fun. If you can't rationalize crossing the Delta for a night on the sauce, tell yourself you'll take in a little state history along the way. The bars on Highway 49 are some of the oldest in California, and you can absorb a little gold country architecture and ambience along with your beer.