Doesn't this Sound D-Lish?

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Crab Croissants
Feed Me Seymour •

It was probably the BEST meal we ever had at college - they served us brunch one Sunday. OMGosh! I had forgotten about it, but another college friend remembered all the ingredients. Even Dad liked them. Hubster and I served them one year for a holiday breakfast. The next year when we went to their house for Thanksgiving - Dad ran through the ingredients to make sure he had everything - he did. Yummy!

Heat oven to universal cooking temperature (350)

Croissants - how many - up to you and depending on size of rolls and crowd to be fed…
Crab meat - we use the “fake” stuff but you could probably use real/fresh
Shredded cheese (I prefer mild cheddar or colby)
Diced up onion - maybe a quarter or half - depending size of onion and if you like onion...we do!

Cut the croissants in half

Spread out the meat, cheese, and onion on the bottoms. Put the lids back on.

I line a baking sheet with foil in case any cheese escapes.

Heat for about 20 minutes or until the cheese melts.

Downtown Chick

Found this funny post at the Downtown Chick Chat

I drove by a church last night on the way home and I got a real kick out of their sign out front….

Happy Holidays
Just Kidding!
Merry Christmas

I really wish I had my camera! I loved it. And I love to see a church with a sense of humor.