My Favorite TV Show

I know you're shocked ... it's not Martha (that's my second favorite tv show). It's e-ring. How can you not love ...

Sexy Benjamin Bratt
The Special Forces as heroes
Bratt says "Once a Marine, Always A Marine"
The military always saves the day
There are some bad people in the CIA
When the marines were accused of a crime they were innocent

I think we should ALL be watching this show, Wednesdays at 8:00pm and try to improve it's Nielsens. Watch it. Blog about it.

Jonathan at the Castle Argghhh! has some episode ideas. They're good. Check 'em out.

Episode 5: CFC Campaign [Combined Federal Campaign Campaign - the feds United Way campaign, as written by the Department of Redundancy Department]. As the new guy, the Major is assigned the additional duty as the Combined Federal Campaign officer of OSD. He struggles to meet the SECDEFs goal of 100% participation in the office. Knowing that this could jeopardize his future, he get on the secure SATCOMM and calls his buddies deep in the mountains of Afghanistan to get them to contribute. He then jacks up the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs and his staff saying "even my guys in the field donate". The Chairmen congratulates him, awards him an impact JSCOM [Joint Service Commendation Medal], and reprimands his staff for not supporting the CFC.

Blogging about the E-Ring

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