The Supremes

Tomorrow I'm going in for a dental procedure and they're going to use Sedation Dentistry. My dentist, Hector Fernandez, tells me that I'll have amnesia when it's done. If I'm going to lose my memory, it seems like I should be doing something risque that I'd be embarrassed about if I remembered. Who knows, maybe I will.

But really I want to tell you about the small world we live in. Carolyn, my office mate,(we sit across from each other in our cubies) is a native New Yorker. She's just a little interested in politics, but her Grandpa was a Republican politico and served as Boxing Commissioner for New York state. And an Italian. Last Monday my pal's Mom called all excited about the nomination of Sam Alito for the Supreme Court. It seems that they were family friends, and her Grandpa had encoured Sam to apply to Princeton, At the time Princeton was a W.A.S.P. school, but her Grandpa told Sam the teenager, "You're very smart -- they'll have to accept you." Carolyn's mom was excited and talked about Sam's 91 year old mother and how she'd love to see her again.

I'm sure she'd be very upset to read this report from Matt Drudge

Thu Nov 03 2005 16:33:47 ET

The DRUDGE REPORT has learned from exclusive sources that Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s 90 year-old mother Rose has become a prisoner in her own Hamilton, NJ home because of a barrage of media requests.

The quiet neighborhood Mrs. Alito has lived in for over 50 years has been turned upside down all week by a swarm of national reporters who have phoned and shown up at the doorstep of not only her but many of her neighbors.

In the last 24 hours alone, she and her neighbors have been contacted by national reporters from NEWSWEEK, CBS’ “EARLY SHOW,” THE BOSTON GLOBE and THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.

Outside of a trip to a local pizzeria and quick junket to her son’s home an hour and a half away, Rose Alito has been stuck inside all week.

One neighbor, who asked the DRUDGE REPORT to withhold their name so the press wouldn’t call them at home, was stunned at the treatment the 90 year-old grandmother had received. “Mama Alito is just a sweet lady and we don’t understand why she is being hounded by these reporters. She can’t even go outside and tend to her fall flowers. She’s just a proud mother, what do they want?”

When told of the latest Alito episode one Washington insider said, “Why are they harassing Judge Alito’s 90 year-old mother when he has written over 350 legal opinions? The media should leave Judge Alito’s mother alone. ”