Bag, Borrow or Steal -- Like Netflix for Purses

I have just signed up to promote the coolest business idea. Borrowing Designer Purses! You sign up with your credit card and pick out a completely fab purse from the thousands of purses in their inventory. All the top designer brands - Coach, Lulu Guiness, Isabella Fiore, Chanel, Tod's, Versace, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Betsey Johnson ... When you feel like getting a new bag, you mail the one you've got back and they mail you a new one!

Just like Netflix, you pay a flat monthly fee, and keep the bag as long as you want. If you decide you want to keep it forever, they will let you buy it from them at a special price. The fee is $19, $49 or $99 per month, your choice. I looked through the list and they had lots and lots of cute bags that were available in the $49 range ... bags that probably would cost you $200 or more at Nordstrom's.

Anyway, all the fashionistas should check it out.

Bag Borrow Or Steal, Inc.