Things You Should Do In California - Go to a Shag Show

My "world famous" list of Things You Should Do in California (soon to be housed on a fancy new website) includes #31. Be a Hip Chick at a Shag Show. I'm refering to an art exhibit of my favorite artist Josh "Shag" Agle. You'll probably recognize his work - He's been commissioned to do artwork for the Pink Panther, Disneyland and the Venetian Hotel in Vegas.

His next exhibition will feature 2 locations and the theme "L.A. By Day By Night". If you're in the neighborhood, I strongly recommend that you attend.

Here's a sampling of his work from prior shows.

This is my dream life. I live in an ultra cool pink and orange Palm Springs style house, drive a red convertible (that part is true) and am only Three Minutes Late.

My regular readers know how much I love The Piano Bar

And at my big birthday party in October, we'll be doing the boogaloo and twist with The Little Baron.