Ken Mehlman's Wrong

About this anyway ...

In widely noted remarks at a November 2004 post-election meeting of the Republican Governors Association, Mehlman said, "We did what Visa does. We acquired a lot of consumer data. Based on that, we acquired a model based not on where you live, but how you live. If you drive a Volvo and do yoga, you vote Democrat; if you drive a Lincoln or a BMW, and own a gun, you vote for George W. Bush."

This is the family Volvo fleet.

I have a 2001 S60 T5. My brother, the President of our family Volvo club should get a referral fee on all the Volvos he sells. He drives a 87 740 tan turbo wagon. His wife a 98 C70. His son, the Irish Nephew, is the club Social Chair and has a souped up 81 Black 240 turbo. My niece drove a 92 blue 240 , but she's just bought a 2 door Scion! Scandal! My sister has a 98 silver wagon and my other sister has a S60 just like mine (but not turbo) And we do yoga!

And most importantly, we all voted for George W. Bush in 2004 (even the niece who was a Nader voter in 2000).