Sad Lance Armstrong

This morning I was looking at a fabulous photo on the front page of the Sacramento Bee of Lance Armstrong and his adorable little children. The darling little girls are in yellow sundresses and the photo is a complete aw shucks cute moment.

And then I realized that he divorced the mother of those darling little girls when they were just infants. And the boy was a toddler.

I'm not saying that he's a bad guy, but it certainly threw a wet blanket on the whole heroic victory thing.

What Else You Should Do In California

I got an e-mail from Little Miss Attila with her suggestions.

Spend a day at the San Diego Zoo;
Wander around Old Town San Diego, and buy art at one of the galleries;
Go to Comicon at the San Diego Convention Center;
Drive to the beach right at the Tijuana border, and look at the fence
that goes into the sea there;
Walk the main drag in La Jolla, and stay at the La Jolla Bed and Breakfast;

Hike San Jacinto;
Stay at the Strawberry Creek Inn in Idyllwild during the arts festival
in the summer, and explore the rocky grottoes along Strawberry Creek;
Rent a cabin in nearby Fern Cove during the winter; get snowed in;
Spend a weekend in Palm Springs, and ride the tram to the top of the mountain;

Walk along the "boardwalk" (it has no boards) in Venice, watching the
bohos go by; walk south through Muscle Beach, and have dinner on
Washington Blvd. at one of the great restaurants;
Have an evening drink at Casa del Mar, in the "world's largest living
room," overlooking the beach, with the ferris wheel at nearby Santa
Monica Pier lit up against the night sky;
Ride the ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier;
Attend one of the free Thursday night concerts at Santa Monica Pier;
Run along the grassy median on San Vicente in Santa Monica;
Window shop at the Santa Monica Promenade;
Eat lunch or an early supper at Fritto Misto in Santa Monica;
Take the monorail up to the Getty Center; take in the views and wander
around in the gardens;

Hike the trails in La Canada, near Pasadena;
Drive up Angeles Crest Highway into the Foothills, with the weekend
motorcyclists whizzing by you (make sure you start with breakfast at
the Hill St. Cafe);
Visit the Arboretum;
Have tea at the Japanese tea house in Descanso Gardens (weekends only).

Now to look up and see if they have links.