League Clambake

Am home and settled from my trip to Pasadena for the First of many Bear Flag League conferences. The sparkplug for the event was Justene at Calblog and many pitched in to help. The Boi from Troy was an excellent moderator and the speakers interesting and relevant.

We heard breaking news from Ted Costa that MAPA (the Mexican American Political Association) had endorsed Prop 77 by an overwhelming number -- something like 4 or 5 to one in favor. Read MAPA's political agenda from their website and you'll see how surprising this is.

Daniel Weintraub had some very nice things to say about us ...

None of them are famous, or even particularly well known. Most probably get only a few hundred or at best a couple of thousand visitors to their sites on an average day. But multiply those little clusters of readers by the 100 blogs in this group and pretty soon you are talking about real numbers. A political story covered in all of these blogs would probably be read by more people than one of my columns published in The Bee.

Alan Hoffenblum, author of the California Target Book said he frequently surfs through the Bear Flag League before his twice weekly radio shows on KCAL Radio in LA.

I'm hoping to organize a cocktail gathering for our group during the California Republican Party Convention at the Anaheim Hilton the weekend of September 16th. More details will follow.

Real Nice Clambake
by Rodgers & Hammerstein

This was a real nice clambake,
We're mighty glad we came.
The vittles we et
Were good, you bet,
The company was the same.
Our hearts are warm, our bellies are full,
And we are feeling prime.
This was a real nice clambake,
And we all had a real good time.