The Golden Boy

Back in the day, the San Jose Seahawks Rugby Club had a handsome, charming salesman named Kevin Golden playing loose forward. He had great manners and a sweet disposition every single time I ever encountered him. But my friends from other teams had quite contrary opinions about him. While traveling in New Zealand, I watched a game through a camera lens and saw him throw a few blows inside the scrum. He was a fella full of testosterone, and he needed rugby (and boxing, his other sport) to keep him nice the rest of the time.

I thought of Kevin today while reading the Russell Crowe stories. I don't advocate violence, but remember the rest of the story about Russell.

"God bless America, God save the Queen, God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia." - Russell Crowe speech after winning the Oscar.

You know that he's an Honorary Texan and that he and his band did a charity concert for the daughter of Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) a few years back.

Proudly displayed his grandfather's British Honours medal (MBE) while making his Oscar Winner speech in 2001.

Russell Crowe has narrated a groundbreaking television series about Anzacs, which explores the bond between Australian and New Zealand soldiers during war.

Crowe recorded the voice-overs during his Christmas break in Australia, before heading to Canada for the filming of Cinderella Man. The Oscar-winning actor agreed to narrate Colour Of War: The Anzacs because of his pride in his grandfather's work as a cinematographer during World War II. (Stan Wemyss, Crowe's grandfather, was awarded an MBE for his achievements.)

He's criticized obnoxious George Clooney

And Joan Rivers doesn't like him ... "At least half of Hollywood hates Russell", says the source. "Joan's just the only one with enough cojones to announce it on national television."

I just wanted to remind you that he has a few good points.