The Twilight Zone

Doesn't this seem kind of spooky ... just a few hours before I posted on Monday about how I need a husband, I received a comment to this post from someone who I think used to be an old boyfriend of mine. Someone who went to my junior high at the same time as me whose name is Dan Michael. My boyfriends name was Danny Michaels. And now I wonder, was his last name Michael not Michaels. Perhaps he'll cruise by again. And I'd bet he doesn't know it's me.

I have no information about his qualifications to be a husband. Is he currently single? What would he do if his wife was confronted by a rodent or marsupial? These are the questions that must be answered.

Kyle - Get a Blog

My friend, Kyle Vallone, is getting hammered by the lefty blogs for his prolific Letters to the Editor program.

A good writer should be writing. Join us in the blogosphere, Kyle.

And you can blog about the blues, too. One of the high points of the RNC Convention was riding in the elevator with Kyle doing an impromptu concert on the harmonica.