B.T.'s sister, Maureen Collins Baker, will be at the Sacramento Fair Oaks Blvd Borders on Wednesday, June 4th, at 7pm autographing her new book, Outrageous Hero, The B.T. Collins Story. See you there!

Here's info about the book


B.T. Collins "Captain Hook" Scholarship
Santa Clara University

"You must know of my love and affection for everything that embodies generosity and selflessness, and that is Santa Clara University . . . . . . . I started off at 29 years of age to remake my life at Santa Clara University."
Brien Thomas (B.T.) Collins
Santa Clara University, B.A. 1970, J.D. 1973

B.T. Collins came to Santa Clara as a student after losing a leg and arm as a U.S. Army captain in Vietnam. His optimism and energy transformed many of his classmates. His good humor and generosity endeared him, and his loyalty and strength of character propelled him. He served as Director of the California Conservation Corps and Chief of Staff for Governor Jerry Brown. He also served as Deputy Finance Director, Director of the California Youth Authority, and as an elected member of the California State Assembly. He regarded public service as a privilege, and frequently urged others to "give back." His sudden death in 1993 left some challenges unmet, but also left the most important ingredients needed to meet them: inspiration and integrity.

The B.T. Collins "Captain Hook" Scholarship provides financial aid to continuing students who are dedicated to pursuing public service careers, and have demonstrated outstanding leadership potential