The Balloon is Burst

As the San Digo Union Tribune reports, Gerald Parsky popped his trial balloon and states that he never intends to run for elective office.

President Bush's point man in California, Rancho Santa Fe investor Gerald Parsky, yesterday shot down his own trial balloon that he might run for governor next year if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't.

"I have no intention to run for any public office, even if Schwarzenegger doesn't run for re-election," Parsky, chairman of the University of California Board of Regents, said in an interview yesterday.

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Parsky has been a polarizing figure among California Republican insiders ever since he commandeered the financial reins of the state party at the behest of the Bush White House.

"The only significant success the Republican Party has had during the time he's been in the political picture was the recall, which he opposed," said former state Republican Chairman Mike Schroeder. "I'm sure he'll bring the same magic to his gubernatorial race that he brought to the Republican Party."

Schroeder has been a Parsky critic for years. But even the current state party officialdom, normally publicly deferential to prospective Republican candidates, was openly critical of the Parsky overture.

"Governor Schwarzenegger campaigned for President Bush in Ohio, helped him win that state and was an integral part of the Bush re-election and all Gerry Parsky can do is ask himself what's in it for me, rather than helping the governor push through a reform agenda that would benefit California," said Karen Hanretty, communications director for the California Republican Party.

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It's St. Patrick's Month

And here's a song for you ...

Wild Rover

I've been a wild rover this many a year
And I've spent all my money on whisky and beer
But now I'm returning with gold in great store
And I never shall play the wild rover no more

No, nae never, no nae never no more
shall I play
The wild rover no never no more

There was Kitty and Betsy and Margaret and Sue
And three or four more that belonged to our crew
We'd sit up till midnight and make the place roar
I've been the wild boy but I'll be so no more

I dropped into a shanty I used to frequent
And I told the landlady my money was spent
I asked her for credit she answered me nay
Such a custom as yours I can get every day

Then I drew from my pocket ten sovereigns bright
And the landlady's eyes opened wide with delight
Said she I have whisky and wines of the best
And the words that I told you were only in jest

I'll go home to my parents confess what I've done
And I'll ask them to pardon their prodigal son
And if they will do so as often before
Then I never shall play the wild rover no more