It's Time -- Fair Districts Now!

Fair Districts Now has received approval to begin shipping their petitions to redraw California's grossly jerrymandered congressional and legislative districts. If you believe in good government, here's an issue you should embrace.

The Governor's Comments:

The current system is rigged to benefit the interests of those in office . . . not the interests of those who put them there. And we must reform it' --Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in his State of the State Address.

Jeff Jacoby posted an editorial on Townhall.com today.
The deepest and unhealthiest divide in American politics is not the one that separates Republicans from Democrats or conservatives from liberals. It is the gulf between Insiders and Outsiders -- between the incumbents who treat public office as private property and the increasingly neutered electorate in whose name they claim to act. You may have learned in ninth-grade civics class that lawmakers are the people's servants, temporarily entrusted with power that the people can take back at any time. But ninth grade is light-years away from the reality of Congress and the statehouses today, where many legislators regard their positions as lifetime entitlements that voters must not be allowed to tamper with. -- Jeff Jacoby

Final Petition Approved. Order your copy today!
We have received the Title and Summary from the Attorney General and we are now shipping petitions. Order your copies today.

UPDATE: I ordered 25 petitions. I'm going to give them to everyone at work who I can convince. Remember, they will really need our help. It won't be as easy as the recall -- why, because it's more complicated and secondly, petitions cannot be downloaded from the internet. They must be ordered from the campaign.