Why is David Dreier Opposed to Fair Districting?

This is not a trick question. I can't fathom why David and Ed Royce would not support an initiative that is likely to increase the number of California GOP congressmen.

(the article does not mention Royce, but the insiders are saying he's in cahoots with David on this one.)

A redistricting effort may stir even more protests — from both parties. Assuming a redistricting plan was approved this year, the new boundaries could potentially be in effect for the 2006 election season. Absent any change, the existing boundaries would stand until the next census is completed in 2010.

Democrats contend that there is no way to depoliticize redistricting, even if the job is given to retired judges. They fear that Schwarzenegger may be trying to orchestrate a push to elect more California Republicans to Congress and thus expand the GOP's overall congressional ranks. California Democrats now outnumber Republicans in Congress, 33 to 20.

Democrats are invoking the name of U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), who helped orchestrate a redistricting plan that enabled Republicans to take control of Texas' congressional delegation. "I'm sure that he and Tom DeLay might have had quite a conversation about it," Kuehl said.

Still, Democratic leaders insist that they are open to discussing the issue with the governor. Many elected officials concede that the present districts are flawed — drawn mainly to guarantee easy victories and safe seats for incumbents.

Nuñez said in an interview Friday: "You'll never be able to rid [redistricting] of politics, but making sure that every citizen's vote counts is a debate that we're more than willing to have. We know there are problems with redistricting and we're willing to take a fresh look at it."

At least some Republicans also are unsettled by the prospect of tampering with districts that have been kind to incumbents. Earlier in the week, Rep. David Dreier (R-San Dimas) telephoned Schwarzenegger, who has been vacationing out of state for the holidays, to express concern about the plans.

Dreier said in an interview that he supported the governor's effort, but would prefer to see no reconfiguration of the boundaries until after the 2010 census.

Update: Matt Rexroad thinks that Dreier and Royce are right to be concerned about new lines.
Don't know much about maps or politics
The newspapers today have mentions of Congressman David Dreier calling the Governor about redistricting.

That is funny. In 2001, Dreier's Chief of Staff was quoted as saying that anyone thinking Dreier should be concerned about redistricting didn't understand maps or politics.

The California Congressional delegation got their way in redistricting thanks to President Bush. That won't happen if the Governor redistricts this next year. Suddenly, Sacramento will become significant to those that represent the state in Washington D.C.

Dreier was extremely vulnerable this past time. You can add Congressmen Gary Miller and Ed Royce to the list this time. They have safe districts now but probably would not under a new plan.

Democrats that should worry about a new plan include Congressmen Dennis Cardoza, Bob Filner, and Jim Costa. Barbara Matthews, Juan Vargas, and Nicole Parra would be sure to make a point of this. They have votes that count --- those in Washington don't.

Some of the members of Congress from California would probably be forced into retirement (i.e Steve Horn) rather than run again. Last cycle it was a recall....this time it is the possibility of new lines.

Matt is a very sharp guy, but the facts are incumbents almost always win. Steve Horn, like former Congressman Vic Fazio, was vulnerable because of the rapidly changing district, not the lines.

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