Is He Really the Sexiest Man?

Do you think this passage means that Jude Law weighs only 150 pounds?

So how did the Jude Law experiment work out?

Without doubt, he showed guts (or hubris) to appear in six movies that have been released in the past two months. Not to mention posing for countless magazine covers. GQ's profile waxed ecstatic over his "stunning symmetry and flawless bone structure," claiming he'd been "rendered into 150 pounds of chewed Bubblicious in Gap wear," whatever that means. According to GQ, his films managed to "redefine the fantasy-action film and expose the sexual psyche of the contemporary male."

Well, not really. "Sky Captain" didn't redefine much of anything; it's struggling to get to $40 million domestic. If "Alfie" exposed anything, it's that its take on the "sexual psyche" is anachronistic. It seems stalled under $15 million. Jude's brief turn as Errol Flynn (news) in "The Aviator" is flashy but microscopic -- the movie belongs to Leonardo. Narrating "Lemony Snicket" must have been fun, but it's hardly a career step. As for "Closer," Clive Owen steals the show.

The lesson? There's such a thing as overexposure, Jude, even for those elite few who are "chewed Bubblicious."