Get In the Christmas Spirit

A couple days ago, I suggested and the gracious and witty DeoDuce acted. She's organized the Bear Flag League to join the Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge. The Challenge pits us against famous bloggers like PowerLine and Captain's Quarters to raise money to assist the good people of Afghanistan and Iraq through the Spirit of America.

The first phase of the Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge has begun. The Challenge is a friendly fundraising competition among leading bloggers in support of Spirit of America projects in Iraq. “Blog” stands for Web log which is a very easy way for people to publish information and views on the Internet. Bloggers are people that have blogs.

What they're saying about the Spirit of America ...
The Wall Street Journal
Spirit of America: "A coalition of the can-do."
Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News
Spirit of America: "a Web-based humanitarian project that almost anyone can endorse, regardless of one's stance on the wisdom of the war."
LtCol David Couvillon, U.S. Marines
“They say there aren’t any ‘silver bullets’ for improving things in Iraq. I don’t know. Spirit of America just might be a silver bullet.”

Spirit of America sponsors projects, large and small, to assist the rebuilding and spread freedom and democracy. Click on this link to find out more about some of their projects.

I hope my readers will make a contribution. It's easy using Paypal or a credit card. Or you can even send a check.

In just a half a day, we've soared to #7 on the Challenge. If you all contribute, we can beat the Northern Alliance!