Golden Dream by the Sea

Last night I saw Miller's Time and the lovely Mrs Miller's Time at Arnold's fundraiser for the California Recovery Team. Good times had by all.

Arnold was his typical hilarious self

Last time I saw George Bush I told him he was lucky to have only three debates with a Massachusetts liberal, I have one every morning at the breakfast table.

We did balance the biggest budget ever, 102 Billion dollars. That's so big that if you lined up the budget in hundred dollar bills, end to end, it would go halfway around Teddy Kennedy's waist.

I give my Uncle-In-Law a hard time about his weight. He says he hasn't gained weight, he just retains water. I said to him, you must be retaining Lake Mead.

Then he gave the run down on what we've accomplished and what remains on the agenda.

Whenever he's reached a critical point, where the entrenched politicians dig in their heels and refuse to budge, the people have bailed him out. He turned to the people on the budget, on workers' comp reform, on the car tax and the people always backed him up. Now he needs our help with No on 68 and 70, Yes on 64, No on 72 and No on 66.

He said each morning when you look in the mirror, have you done enough to help our state. It's not enough to vote, you need to do everything you can, have a Tea Party. That's how they used to do it they had Tea Parties.

I have big hopes for California. President Reagan spoke of America as "the shining city on the hill." I see California as the golden dream by the sea.
Golden Dream by the Sea

Women Get It, Too.

Collin Levy at the Seattle Times says its not macho hobbies that attract voters ...

If we must dither in the realm of manly intangibles, it's the Bush impression — metaphorically speaking — that he will stand on the front porch and put himself between criminals and the people he is sworn to protect. Men respond to that. They get it.