Jim Lehrer Stinks

Not a single question about Kerry's 20 year Senate career.

The Annoyance Factor

Back in the day, I served on a special committee convened by Governor Pete Wilson to get support for a fair reapportionment.

I'd always thought Governor Wilson was OK, but when I really started to like him was when he showed his annoyance toward people who were really annoying. It was at that moment that I realized he was a real person who disliked irritating people as much as I did.

So, President Bush showed his annoyance. Wouldn't you?

They're Not Going to Watch Sessions 2 and 3

The debate was not good TV.

Bush did fine. But he didn't look like he was enjoying himself. And I believe the audience didn't enjoy themselves either.

Kerry did fine. He looked better than he normally does and he spoke better than he normally does. No terrible gafs except for the global test which was pretty bad.

No laugh lines. No drama. Important issues but uninteresting presentation.

Extremely bad TV.

The people who will watch the next debate, which will be on a Friday night, are people who prefer C-SPAN to NFL football, who read the Christian Science Moniter instead of People Magazine, who would rather listen to Bach then Frank Sinatra and who follow a Vegan diet instead of eating In-N-Out burgers.

John Kerry already has those votes.