Catholics and Hollywood

Last night I watched the new NBC show Medical Investigation. Completely shocking in its portrayal of Catholics. It featured:

A good priest
Lead character crossing himself when he came into church
Lead character genuflecting in front of the alter
Lead character asking priest to pray for his family
Lead character telling soldier that life lies in God's hands
Young military men going to mass while on leave from Iraq
Catholic volunteer going to convalescent hospital to bring communion to the sick
Lead character flashbacking on an experience where as a military officer he had to inform a widow that her husband had died in service to his country.

All in one hour!

All I can say is TIVO this show!


And isn't Neal McDonough a beautiful Irish name. pronounced Mc Dun ah.

Sports vs. Arts

I often explain the liberal opposition to George W. Bush in Hollywood as Sports vs. Arts.

Sports have concrete goals. Your time must be the fasted, you aim the most accurate, your hit the hardest. You must perform better than the other guy or you will lose. Competition is direct and open. Life is black and white.

Arts emote. How it feels is what matters most. Participation, collaboration, cooperation, expression. Shades of Gray.

George W. Bush is a Sport. John Kerry is an Art.

And now there's a 527 who's going to explain it all to the world.

Football Fans for Truth is dedicated to informing the American sports fan of the great risk that could befall our country.

Dino Panagopoulos, Chairman: "John Kerry is a menace to sports fans everywhere," said Football Fans for Truth Chairman Dino . "Can we take four years of this? I don't think so."

Jeff Larroca, Director: "He is not fit to be our sports-fan-in-chief."

Football Fans for Truth is already moving forward with its public education campaign. The organization has ordered a billboard near "Lambert Field" to educate Wisconsin football fans of the threat of a Kerry administration. It will stand through the election.