Bush is a Hottie

The Powerline guys seem surprized to find out that chicks think GWB is cute

Earlier today we did a post on the unintended consequences of the Dems' causing photos of President Bush National Guard to remain in circulation. I think we got more emails than we've ever received in response to a post. The reaction from female Power Line readers, of whom probably 150 or more have written us, was unanimous. Several volunteered comparisons of the Bush photos with those of John Kerry from the same era; their comparisons were not flattering to Kerry.

Coincidentally, I ran across a photo of Kerry, circa 1971, with two alleged fellow veterans, that I've never seen before. So I thought we'd run a side-by-side comparison:



We blog, you decide.

I've already decided. And many have joined me as Chicks for Bush

Update: In Bill's World let's you decide about the First Girls.