Chicks for Bush

I wish someone had a snap poll on women's reactions to the President's speech on Thursday night. I believe that thousands and thousands of women who grew up on Pride and Predjudice and Sleepless in Seattle, were weak with love when George Bush's eyes filled up with tears.

I think I'll start a new blogroll, Chicks for Bush. Perhaps some of my blogging friends like Justene, Ith, Venemous Kate, Doggy Diaries, Baldilocks, DeoDuce Miss Attila and Sgt. Airborne's Wife will join.

Maybe we can get She Who Will Be Obeyed, DaGoddess, Annika and who knows who else to help reverse the gender gap.

Anybody interested?


We've got 5 charter members: Kate, Annika, 2Flower, Ilyka and Me. Please help me spread the word.

Woo Hoo ... More Numbers

Captain Ed has the scoop. Newsweek will report a double digit lead for President Bush, and a 19 point swing in the last month!