I Love Numbers

The Instapundit reports on some fab poll numbers -- double digit lead from Time.Inc.

Powerline tells about Frank Luntz' focus group. The undecideds are deciding for Bush. BTW, I also love Frank Luntz.

Slings and Arrows gives the real story on Zogby's 9 Point Switcheroo.

ABC/WaPo shows a 7 point swing.

Slimey Stuart Smalley

BTW, Who invited Al Franken to the California delegation party at the Tavern On the Green?

Online Again, Naturally

Back from NYC, where the parties were fabulous, but the blogging disastrous. We had intended to bring the wireless laptop of my friend's husband. But at the last moment, he substituted the 7 year old daughter's. Which would be fine if you wanted to photo blog Hillary Duff or play the Barbie riding game. We could never get the browser to go beyond a wormsite. We tried the hotels tv/web browser and it couldn't even go to hotmail, apparently needed to be upgraded. We went to the hotel's biz center and had problems, we could have surmounted them, this time they weren't insurmountable, but there was a party to go to. So I'm sorry to say, my blog attempts failed.

But we had some very fine adventures. A yacht cruise with members of the legislature by the Statue of Liberty, The Boy from Oz with Hugh Jackman, dancing with Darrel Worley at the Tavern on the Green, the hot party at the Boathouse in Central Park with the Governor, Martina McBride at the Roseland, brunch with Chairman Thomas at the NY Library.

The NYC Cops are completely fine, and I would recommend to all my single friends that they skip Cancun, Hawaii and maybe even Pebble Beach to holiday where they can go to a cop bar.

I made some notes, so I'll have a few details about the speeches, the protestors, the city, etc. to add later.