Sunday Surfing

I was looking for some mindless entertainment and ran across CSPAN, replaying the Dick Cavett - John Kerry Show. How devastating to John Kerry to have people watch this show.


John Kerry thought that the assassination of a few thousand of our South Vietnamese allies would be a small price to pay to get our troops home.

MR. KERRY: //I realize that there would be certain political assassinations, and that might take place. And I think when you balance that against the fact that the United States has now accounted for some 18,600 people through its own Phoenix program, which is a program of assassination, and when you balance that off against the morality of the kind of bombing we've been doing in Laos and the kind of destruction wholesale of the country of Vietnam, which amounts to some 155,000 civilians a year killed, then I think to talk about four or five thousand people is lunacy in terms of the overall argument and what we're seeking in Southeast Asia.

35 years later, he thinks that he will be more successful with Iraq, because he will be able to get cooperation from our allies. Maybe the allies will never realize that he would abandon them in a snap if they became inconvenient.

The show is going to replay again tonight in about an hour.