The Burglar Quit

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Now that he's quit, will Kerry pretend he never knew him? Reminds me a little of Big Bill"s "Most Ethical Administration in History"

Wizbang thinks that Sandy may have forgot it was a crime
Jay's not surprized
Powerline gives Denny Hastert's take
The Spoon wonders if Sandy is a spy
In the Bullpen shows The Burglar's Busted
Original Musings muses that the wacky democrats are at it again
Slant Point thought that the 9/11 Commission drama was over
Pardon My English is grilling burgers
Generation Why says the Coverup Begins
Matt doesn't want you to act all surprized
Belmont Club knows we're not in Kansas anymore
That Liberal Media notes how the AP downplays the Kerry Connection
In Just One Minute you can compare Sandy Berger with Joe Wilson
Even Joshua Micah Marshall wonders why Sandy Berger didn't quit Kerry's campaign a long time ago
Little Green Footballs says Berger's radioactive
The Third Hand wonders how hard it is to remove documents from the National Archive
Poliblog has a sloppy Berger, is that like a sloppy Joe?
It's a Small Victory when you dream about Greg Brady, Vinnie Barbarino and Johnnie Cochran
At Suburban Sundries you can get the Carl Cameron version of the story
The Hog On Ice suspects Kerry in the Pants Scandal
If you're Right on the Left Beach, you're sad that there truly aren't any good democrats left
The Tronmetter Times doesn't suppose the 9/11 Commission will hold it's report until they find the missing documents
Virginia Postrel is willing to believe Sandy Berger had no nefarious motives
But Daniel Drezner wonders What the f@$# was Sandy Berger thinking?
What does Security of Classified really mean asks Brain Fertilizer
The Queen of All Evil doesn't know what to think
Ipse Dixit reminds us that Sandy ought to know better, he used to be National Security Advisor fer cryin' out loud
Knight of the Mind is succint, Berger gets Fired, Kerry Avoids the Grill

and the fabulous Hugh Hewitt asks the main question What Did Kerry Know and When Did He Know It

I'm pitching the name Hot Pants Scandal for this thing ... What do you think? Pass It On