Red States have stupid people too?

I thought we in the blue had a monopoly on mean-spirited, anti-religious bigotry, but apparently there are some stupid people in Mississippi, including Brandon Niemeyer, Josie Tracy and E.B. Zimmerman.

San Diego

My pal SheriLee's husband was quoted in the San Diego Union-Tribune yesterday ...

Outside the cathedral, a small crowd of people stood quietly in a light rain, catching snippets of the service on portable radios. They softly applauded the eulogies and laughed along with the world leaders inside.

"I've never felt such a sense of personal loss about the death of a public figure," said Jeff Norris, 46, who had taken an early-morning train from Baltimore to honor a former president he hailed as "candid, honest and decent."

Speaking of San Diego ... the California Republican Party Convention will be held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt August 6-8, 2004. I'd like to organize a blogger's brunch on Saturday, possibly with Ted Costa, the Father of the Recall. Would anyone be interested in attending?