The Willie and Barry Lovefest

Hooray for Willie Mays and his Godson Barry Bonds as they tie for third place in lifetime MLB Home Runs. I'm so glad they have each other to celebrate with. As the Chron reported last week,

Their relationship as godfather and godson always has been a charming piece of Giants lore, but now it is a vital connection, tethering Bonds to the nostalgia of baseball and distancing him, however slightly, from the ugliness of modern sports. Mays went to spring training early this year, specifically to support Bonds.

"To make sure if anything went wrong, I could be there for him,'' Mays said.

He didn't make it clear whether he was more concerned about Bonds' continuing grief over the death of his father, Bobby, or the published reports linking him to steroid use. ("I'm not going to get involved,'' Mays said when gently questioned about the indictment of Bonds' personal trainer on drug- distribution charges. "That's not my thing.'') He simply wanted to be with his godson, the man stalking him on the home-run chart.

"It helped a lot to have someone like him in my corner,'' Bonds said, then added softly: "Not a lot of people are in my corner.''

The game was fabulous, and the passing of the torch from Willie to Barry was very touching.

Barry, if you read this, there are alot of us in your corner. I believe the current wave of negative feelings toward Barry doesnn't relate to the rumors of steroid use, but to his lack of schmoozing with the press. I agree that if he was a better schmoozer, he'd make more money. But schmoozing isn't his job, playing baseball is. If he needs to remain stoical in order to do his job well, it's his business. Let Barry be Barry. Don't try and make him into Michael Jordan.

Omorosa was a Bad Clintonite

Not only was she a Clintonite ... but she wasn't even good at it. Our Sacramento TV station KCRA reports that she got fired from 4 different jobs in a 2 year period with the Clintoons.

and the Wonkette reported a couple weeks back that she was a bad Gorebot too.

Heard on the Hill: Former Gore staffer and fired candidate on "The Apprentice," Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth is contemplating a run for Congress or even 1600. However, she inflated her salary and her position with Gore in applying for another government job. Says one former top staffer, "You know the thing that bothers me the most about this is that we had a marvelous, committed, hard-working staff at the White House, and particularly in the VP’s office. Now, because of that stupid TV show, who is the American public going to remember as having been on that staff? Omarosa, who was neither committed nor hard-working, and certainly not marvelous." Omarosa, who is raising money for the DNC, replies, "I’m glad all of this stuff is coming out before I run for office.". . . Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) "We see John Kerry as Ted Kennedy on the South Beach Diet." Note that the latter has been trimmer of late. [Roll Call]