We just hosted the most fabulous event for Dan Lungren. He is such a fine man. Smart, tough, kind, moral, honest, straight. Like me, you may not agree with him on every little thing, but you know that he will never, under any circumstances, do anything that is wrong, underhanded, unethical. And you know that his opponent believes that the ends justify the means and if you have to cheat to win that's part of politics. So shame on you if you vote for the opponent.

Anyway, back to our event... the Mayor of Folsom, Steve Miklos, introduces Steve Sax, former LA Dodger and five-time all star, who introduces Dan. In the audience is one of Dan's big supporters, Ted Costa, the Father of the Recall. I felt very proud to be in their company.

I really hope the bloggers answer the call to help with Ted's reapportionment initiative. Please comment with your email address, 'cuz i'm starting a list.