Another April 15th Deadline

The "Father of the Recall", Ted Costa, is circulating a petition to qualify the Fair Districts Now! initiative. We need 600,000 valid signatures, turned in by April 15, 2004, to qualify for the November ballot.

Quoting from a letter I received yesterday from Mark Abernathy, campaign manager:

The "Recall of Gray Davis" was only the beginning in restoring responsiveness to our state government. We must make sure that fair districts are drawn for our Congressional and Legislative seats.

The Fair Districts Now! effort will help achieve that goal because it believes that redistricting is too important to be left to the legislators. This initiative is sponsored by Ted Costa and People's Advocate. It places final approval of any plan where it should be, with the voters.

This initiative is not designed to help one political party over another. In fact, it prohibits taking partisan information or voting history into account. However, as Republicans, we must support a plan that makes the Legislature more responsive to the voters. According to political analysts a fair redistricting plan would result in 5 to 13 additional Republican Members of Congress from California and potential Republican control of the State Legislature.

My challenge to the Bearflaggers and other California bloggers -- Let's be the free media that this campaign needs to get qualified in the next 50 days. Write about it, talk about it, get your friends to circulate petitions.

You can get more info at the Fair Districts Now! website: www.fairdistricts.com/