How to Become a Delegate for George W. Bush

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Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2003 2:29 PM
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Subject: California Republican National Delegation Convention -- Delegate Application Information

Dear Friends,

As we begin the journey toward Victory in November 2004, supporters are invited to apply for a position as a California Delegate or Alternate to next summer's Republican National Convention to be held in New York City. As it will again be my honor to organize the California Delegation - our nation's largest - I am pleased to announce that nominations for positions on the Delegation can be made directly by visiting http://www.cagopdelegation.com and completing the application form.

As California has long led the way in technology developments, the California Republican National Convention Delegation is seeking to make our application process as easy and available to everyone by utilizing the World Wide Web to accept applications, provide information on the Convention and to regularly communicate with our delegates and all of those interested in Convention activities and programs.

Due to the limitations placed upon the Delegation, applications will only be accepted as submitted through the Delegation's website prior to January 9, 2004. Applications will not be accepted via the mail, fax or any other means -- although you are free to contact us for questions and other individual requests. By utilizing an electronic application process for everyone, we will be able to more effectively manage the delegate selection process and give personal attention to your individual application given the very tight timetable by which we are legally bound.

Additional information regarding the Convention, New York City, and ways you can become more involved in next year's effort will also be posted on this website and updated. Please check it regularly as it will be your most up-to-date resource.

Visit www.cagopdelegation.com today to find information and an application to participate in the California Republican National Convention Delegation 2004 but rest assured, your individual information will be held in confidence.

Feel free to forward this email to others who would also be interested in joining us next summer. Thank you for joining our efforts for Victory in 2004 and we look forward to hearing from you.


Gerry Parsky

It's Wictory Wednesday

It's Wictory Wednesday, the day when we encourage everyone to give give give your time and money to see our Prez re-elected. The Bush/Cheney campaign has provided a link so we can all see how much the "grassroots" contributes. We ought to be able to raise as much on-line as HoHo Dean don't ya think? Do it today!

If you want to be part of our Wictory Wednesday group, e-mail the Poli-Pundit.

And take a tour around the Blogosphere to see what's happening with the other Bush Backers.