California Legislative Candidates

Any of my Bear Flaggers know anything about any of the candidates running for Assembly? I see that Heather Peters (former candidate for governor) is running for AD41. Has anybody met her? Just curious. How about any other Republican candidates? I'm not interested in the placeholder candidates - those who are running for office in order to a secure membership in the county party and the state central committee. I mean real candidates.

Update: I found a page from Allen Hoffenblum's Target Book with some info.

Congratulations Cassandra

A couple weeks ago I blogged on how great an appointment Cassandra Pye would be. Apparently, Arnold agrees. Cassandra now serves as Deputy Chief of Staff.

And congratulations also to former Bill Jones Chief of Staff Mike Chrisman on his appointment as Resources Secretary. Mike was always very helpful back in the day when I was with the California Young Republicans. I'm sure he'll be great.