I'm off to see Steven Tyrell at Yoshi's tonight!

Update: The show was spectacular. The singing fabulous, the band terriffic, the stories funny.

Recording standards, Steve's met the families of a number of America's greatest artists. Jimmy McHugh's grandsons told Steve about how their grandad had to sell his piano during the darkest days of the depression. A few days later Jimmy McHugh ran into George Gershwin on the street. George asked him how it was going, Jimmy said, "Not good, it's so bad I had to sell my piano". Two days later, George has a piano delivered to Jimmy's place with a note, wishing him a change in fortune. The first song Jimmy wrote on that piano kept his family fed for a really long time...I'm in the Mood For Love.

We asked the waiter if we could stay for the second show and sit up front. We had a very hard time not swooning, sitting in the front row, and being serenaded with with I've Got the World on a String (my favorite song)

After the show, they all signed my birthday card and Steve sang Happy Birthday to me. The very best birthday I've ever had ;^D