Inaugural Blogger's Dinner

If they ever pick a date for the governor's inauguration, I'm planning a blogger's feast. I'll serve Rossi pasta (because they advertise on Rich Galen's Mullings.com)
and make something special from one of my many Nigela cookbooks (Nigella's father was a political ally of Margaret Thatcher). For dessert some GOP Ice Cream.
Extremely Cool Cassandra

The Insider says one name floated in the Arnold chief of staff derby is:

"a number of members of the transition committee are pushing for the selection of Cassandra Pye, vice president for corporate affairs at the California Chamber of Commerce, where she has been the political eyes and ears for the chamber for several years."

and USA Today joins him:

"After weathering late-breaking accusations of groping 16 women in the past, Schwarzenegger needs to appoint women, political analysts say. One female prospect: Cassandra Pye, an African-American and a top official of the California Chamber of Commerce."

Cassandra would be Fab! She's smart and snappy, hard-working, fearless and fun. She'd bring a whole different dynamic to the capitol 'cuz she's loaded with personality.