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Starbucks Mystery Man

My pal was in Starbucks in Folsom yesterday and overheard someone talking on his cell phone about my blog! She e-mailed me this morning to tell me I'm famous. hee hee. Who are you? One of my pals, or someone out in the blogosphere?
Today's the Day

I just woke up from a good omen dream. A variation on the Let's put on a Show ...It was the night of the election and the centerpiece of our campaign was a big televised rock concert. But something had gone wrong the night before and some of the bands weren't showing up. So we organized all the crazy people hanging around the election hq, gave them makeshit costumes and wigs, and sent them onstage to do their thing. The audience loved it, our candidate won, and one of our volunteers became a big big star.

I always have happy ending dreams when something really good is about to happen.

If you want some encouraging news, check out the Cal Insider's poll synopsis.

Yesterday's big story was about a dirtbag, Rhonda Miller, who tried to become #16 of Arnold's gropees. Big press conference early in the day. But by evening her story had fallen apart Big Time on LA Radio. My Bear Flag pals, Prestopundit, Xrlq and Fresh Potatoes did a great job bringing all the southland details. I bet we all hear about it on air today.