I just got off the phone with Kevin McCarthy (the new minority leader for the State Assembly) and he was on the bus with Arnold! He'll be travelling with him as he journeys to Sacramento for the final rally on Sunday. Please post a comment encouraging Kevin to do a "guest blog" for us about the inside scoop.

Don't you love to read reporters who get it?! Daniel Weintraub, Dan Walters, Mickey Kaus and today Jill Stewart in the Chron.

After what Davis did to Riordan, the Democratic Party believed it would enjoy years of control in Sacramento. Davis and the Democratic majority moved further and further left to appease unions and others--but the populace didn't.

Is Pete's Harbor still open? I loved that place, and nearly convinced my sister and brother-in-law to live in a boat moored there. The 6'4" brother in law decided that living on a boat with ceilings so low he couldn't stand up straight was not for him. Too bad, they had great hamburgers at the Pete's Harbor Restaurant.